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Our services

Our company Gruppo DomaRe has a high competence in the field of selection for buyers of residential and commercial real estate, the full support of the transaction and provides comprehensive support for the operation and adaptation in our area.

Assistance 360°

The first step you need to accomplish, is opening an account in an Italian bank. Italian bureaucracy can often seem intimidating and frightening for people who don’t know the language, but you don’t have to worry about this because we are here to help you!

To open the account in the bank must require the tax code. Then you have to find the right bank to open the bank account to persons not resident in Italy.

The process of buying property in Italy includes three stages:

1. Offer to purchase:

As a first step the agency prepares an irrevocable offer to purchase; document which specifies all parameters of the apartment, cadastral identification, offered price and timing of the payment, all in accordance with requirements proposed by the potential buyer. To confirm the seriousness of its commitment, the customer leaves a deposit that varies according to the type of offer made between 5 and 10% of the total price of the property. The seller received the offer, he can choose whether to accept or modify the conditions proposed by the buyer or choose to accept or not. In the event that you were to find the agreement, the proposal becomes null and left the check guarantee returned. In case of agreement instead we go to the second step;

2. The preliminary contract

The next stage is called preliminary sale, where the seller and the buyer defines the commitment to sell and buy.

The buyer at this stage, pay another percentage (according to the proposal made) ranging from 20 to 50% of the total price of the property and is paid by check. This stage is also paid 50% of the agency's commission. Usually after 30 to 45 days to the deed. This time is necessary for the buyer to transfer money on their bank account and for the notary to prepare all necessary documents.

3. Deed of sale

A deed transferring ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. At this stage you pay the remaining amount for the balance of the price of the property with cashier's checks drawn from your bank account preferably Italian. Moreover, even with bank checks, the buyer will pay the notary together with the fees for the purchase, the official translator who has worked at the total translation (in the mother tongue of the buyers) of all necessary documents to the signing of the deed and the balance of the commission of the agency. The signing of the act, the buyer receives the keys. The act is then recorded by the Notary to register the Inland Revenue.

Costs upon purchase property:

The notary cost is usually 1-2% of cadastral property. The Commission is composed of Registration tax of 2% for the "primary residential" and 9% for the "secondary housing", as well as the standard Cadastral tax and Mortgage tax are today 50 euros each.

Taxes on your new home

We will help you to break down the myths of the Italian tax system. Each fee is calculated on the cadastral value of the property.


• "primary residential" – not present

• "luxury real estate" A1, A8, A9 - 6%

• "secondary housing" and commercial real estate - 10 % / 11 % depends on municipal

TASI - is a municipal tax, which is decided by the city each year. In 2014 the rate for the city of Sanremo has been 0.3%.

TARI - is the garbage tax, and is decided by the city each year.

The payment of these fees for year is requested in two six-monthly tranches. (June / December).

Permit of stay

Question sometimes important to live more simply his life in Italy.

There are several reasons to obtain a residence permit as legal immigrants:

- Select location – the most used by foreign citizens who are property owners in Italy and having business with fixed incomes in their own country.

- Self- employment

- Employment

- Family reunification

- Residence permits for highly qualified specialists

The selection is wide and Italian laws do not prohibit dual citizenship, does not undertake to hold Italian language and do not limit your residence choice!


The Group Doma.re offers a service for renovations ... "turn key":

- Care Planning;

- Municipal practices;

- Full coordination of the construction site;

- Safety measures of site;

- Implementation of ATTENTIVE and ordered, on time delivery established.

- Next building maintenance and technical assistance for any eventuality.

With us, you save TIME and ENERGY .... We are the only contact between our client and the various trades involved, from us choices to transform the property you have purchased, in the home of your dreams.

The technicians, artisans and plant engineers that work together to our Group, have a long experience and our collaboration is the result of years of research and careful selection. They are able to provide the necessary guarantees on the works carried out, for the equipment installed, and the various supplies that are used. Doma.Re offers the best combination of quality, lead times and costs


We are at your disposal to suggest how to decorate and personalize your new home, proposing you the widest choice of the best brand on the market, for the furniture industry, guaranteeing you the best quality at the right price.

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